Caffeine is a stimulant drug. Many people, especially those who are having night shift schedules are addicted to this drug through drinking coffee. It is scientifically proven that it energizes your body that instead of feeling tired and sleepy, you would suddenly feel like you are stimulated again to continue performing your daily task. Actually, caffeine affects the normal function of the dopamine, which is a relaxant neurotransmitter. Instead, the receptors of the dopamine receive the signal; the caffeine takes over causing your brain to signal your body that you still need to stay awake.


The changes in the normal reactions occurring in your body system do not only keep awake, but it also has a good effect in boosting your memory. Based on the recent studies, caffeine contains cognitive-enhancing effects. There were many manipulated experiments conducted by researchers, which have proven that those who are most likely to include cups of coffee on their meals or snacks are less likely to develop the feeling of the tip of the tongue effect. This condition can be corrected because the caffeine boosts the brain functions targeting the memory connection.

Many positive effects caffeine has contributed to the body system, especially on the long-term memory of most human beings. The caffeine habitual intake has resulted in improved cognitive processes, wherein the person during the experiment, has been introduced to many cognitive tasks, including the measurement on how high is his memory level. There were words and images introduced and the delay of the response has been measured. This is to assess that enough amount of caffeine intake could grant a good effect to sharpen the mind of the coffee drinkers.

This is the reason, if you have heard about smart drugs; manufacturers have added some drops of caffeine to their main ingredients. This is to target those people with a very short-term memory. These brain enhancers work with caffeine in order to reactivate those brain cells that have lost already their function. The good thing about smart drugs is that aside from caffeine, there are also adding more elements to make it very helpful for consumers to target all brain functions for improved effectiveness.

Many factors could contribute why you could come to a point in life that you would be losing your sharp memory. If you are one of those people who are not coffee drinkers, then it should be the best time to get brain supplements as the best alternatives.