12 recommendations to have a strong and healthy hair

To have a strong and healthy hair we must be very careful with the chemicals of the hair products, which weaken and subtract the shine. If there is something we envy of celebrities is how they look in any situation. Beyond the editing programs or the tricks with the cameras, the truth is that we would like to have the skin, the hair or the silhouette of more than one.

In this article we will tell you how to have a strong and healthy hair the same as advertising:

Tips for healthy and strong hair

Could you thread a strand of your hair through the eye of a needle like a silk thread? And wear a shiny, silky, natural hair at any time of the day? Although you think this is only available to movie stars, there are different techniques to have a strong and healthy hair as in advertising and catwalks:

1. Cut the damaged tips

As the hair grows it weakens, especially in the tips, which is the oldest part.

  • Begin by cutting a little (no more than 3 cm) and repeat this process according to growth.
  • Removing the “ugly” parts will give a healthier look to your hair.

2. Brush every day

  • Buy a brush with soft bristles and try to brush the hair when it is wet to prevent the strands from cracking.
  • If you have very long hair you can also pass the brush before bed.
  • This will stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp and the hair follicles will produce healthier strands.

3. Know your hair type

With this information in your possession, you will have the ability to choose the right beauty products.

An evaluation consists of three parts:

  • Density (abundant, medium or thin)
  • Texture (thick or thin)
  • Strength (porosity, elasticity, moisture)

4. Rinse with cold water

Yes, even in winter. The final rinse when you wash your hair should always be with cold water to allow the cuticles to close. You will see that your hair is more shiny and silky. Also, this technique serves to make it grow faster.

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The hot water, on the other hand, increases the oiliness and breaks the strands. Thus, when dried, you will notice them as “open”.

5. Use quality products

Although the best-known brands do not guarantee quality, you can opt for products that are according to your hair type and that in turn give you good results.

We recommend you try organic or organic cosmetics that do not have chemical components are less harmful to your hair.

6. Do not abuse the dryer or the ironing board

Even if you look beautiful, smooth hair reduces the times a week you dry it or irons. Exposure to the heat of these elements will dry the hair, make it dull and lifeless and more likely to break or open its tips.

Best to use them only when you have a special event or the very cold days not to leave with wet hair on the street.

7. Massage the scalp

You can do it while you shower or when you are watching TV on the couch. It has many benefits!

Among the benefits of capillary massage are:

  • Increase blood flow to the hair follicles
  • Relieve stress
  • Condition the scalp.

Try massaging several times a week with essential oils. You will see the effects almost immediately.

8. Do not abuse chemicals

Just as the heat from the dryer or the iron is bad for the health of your hair, certain common products can also damage it. It is the case of dyes and treatments to smooth (even if they are of good quality). Besides … Your hair is more beautiful with its natural color do not change it!

9. Avoid the sun and pool

When summer comes and vacations it is likely that our hair looks opaque and weak. This is due to exposure to the sun, chlorine added to pool water or sea salt.

We advise that at this time you wear hats or handkerchiefs and, if possible, that you put some product that acts as a barrier against these harmful elements.

10. Do not wash it in excess

Both the scalp and the threads need several hours to dry completely. In addition the more times we wash the hair the less natural oils it has and the more opaque it looks.

The frequency of washing will depend on the type of hair and the time of year. Do not wash every day, not even in summer.

11. Maintain a healthy diet

In addition to taking care of it on the outside, the hair must be nourished inside. It is essential then that you eat in a balanced way and add to your dishes many fresh fruits and vegetables.

Neither can nuts, legumes, and water be lacking.

12. Do not tie it up

The pigtails and other elements to tie the hair break the strands, especially if they are too tight. In extreme cases, they can even cause alopecia. The so famous “ponytail” is detrimental to the health of our hair as well as very elaborate braids or hairstyles. Better to wear it loose and only hold it in certain situations, such as when doing sports or if it is too hot.

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