4 easy ways to preventing memory loss

Today we talk about the prevention of memory loss, which is the main component of mental health. Today, nearly half a billion people in the world suffer from various mental illnesses: mental retardation, forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy. Every year the number of mentally ill people is increasing, and it is promoted by stress, problems at work, and too busy pace of life. The aim of World Mental Health Day is to reduce the spread of these diseases. Today we talk about the prevention of memory loss.

According to statistics, one in four elderly inhabitants of the planet suffers from forgetfulness. To minimize any risk of memory disorders, neurologists recommend lifelong provide full support to the brain. Human memory – is a complex thought process, which is influenced by many diverse factors – chronic fatigue, over-voltage, constant stress and lack of sleep. Of course, age is also not added mental health of a person. Neural connections weaken, the intensity is reduced, and the person begins to experience problems with short-term memory, this is a function of the psyche that is responsible for short storage of any information in the human brain. If you will not use this information for more than one day, it is “automatically” is deleted. Short-term memory with age brings even the most healthy people not suffering from any mental illness.

Train “mental charge”: Violations of short-term memory is most often associated with scattering. However, the malfunction is not as harmless as they may seem at the beginning. Experiencing difficulty remembering an event, a person reduces the volume of long-term memory, which negatively affects the work of the mind and the brain. However, anyone can correct the situation, if will start to train your memory. The brain is the exact same part of the body, as a calf or bicep. However, the brain is more complex structure, so he needs a strengthened training. “Mental charge” helps stimulate brain activity and contributes to the preservation and consolidation of short-term long-term memory. The most useful exercise at any age are considered to Numeracy classes, foreign language learning, solving puzzles, crossword puzzles. By the way, puzzles help train the brain and assimilate the information received through the touch. Avoid watching TV in favor of reading a magazine or book. Researchers have recently demonstrated that passive acceptance of any information hampers the development of the imagination. Moreover, television offers a person ready-made image, reducing the need for an active brain.

Active exercises for the brain: You cannot let the brain relax. The more active the brain cells work, the more they emit a neurotrophic substance that gives them active life. Perfect memory Conservation promotes restful sleep, physical activity. In no event should not take medication for insomnia drugs. Even the most expensive relaxants violate natural sleep rhythm that adversely affects a person’s memory. Moreover, you should consume natural supplements like Phosphatidylserine, which will boost your memory to practice heavy tasks.

Diet for the memory: To feed the brain to enhance the effect of exercise, it is important to choose the most beneficial nutrients. It is considered the most useful protein food with high content of amino acids for the brain. The diet should include dairy and meat products. Substances, which stimulate the activity of brain neurons, are contained in large amounts in prunes, dried apricots, and other dried fruits and bananas, walnuts. In addition, the brain requires a large amount of iodine for a normal life. Iodine deficiency leads to loosening of the nervous system, which triggers memory impairment. Iodine rich radish, seaweed, rhubarb, and spinach. Improvement of thought processes also contributes to chocolate. The cocoa beans contain a lot of magnesium, which is needed for the normal operation of the short-term memory. However, to preserve the memory need only eat dark chocolate.

Memory training: It is also a kind of charging for the brain. The principle of operation is based on amendments to daily activities. A few simple exercises help to strengthen memory. If you are right handed, each day writes at least a few lines with his left hand if left-handed – right hand. This will cause another hemisphere of the brain to work actively. From time to time, be sure to perform the most usual actions for you: get dressed, eat, walk around the apartment or take a shower. However, it should be done only with your eyes closed! Before going to the store, most people always make a shopping list, do not forget to buy the most necessary. Write a list, not to spy it in the store. Enter the right products for the memory, and then to hand check the list.

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