5 exercises to lose belly at home

These 5 exercises to lose belly at home are exercises that are designed to work the belly area and get a flat and strong belly. Do you cheer up and do it with us?

 lose belly at home


There are no better exercises to lose belly at home than to do sit-ups. They make it easier to lose belly and tone the abdomen in a short time, and if this exercise is combined with a balanced diet, then you can check the results in a very short time. Lie on your back on a mat and bend your knees with your toes flat on the floor, then put your hands behind your neck and head. Take a deep breath and move the upper body away from the floor. Air must be exhaled when the body is rising. When the body is returned to the original posture, it is advisable to inhale. Make a series of 10 and then repeat them over two or three more sets.


Exercise as a bicycle is another action that helps to lose belly at home and excess fat around the abs easily. Lie on the floor or carpet and put your hands on the sides of the head. Now raise both legs off the floor and bend the knees. Bring the right knee near the chest leaving the left leg outside. Arrange the right leg outwardly and position the left knee on the chest. Repeat this movement 10 to 12 times in two consecutive sets.


The rolling plank is another known exercise that works well on the lower back, hip and abdominal area. Position yourself on the floor or a mat so that your knees and elbows remain on the floor. It is necessary to observe towards the front so that the neck is in line with the spine.

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Now raise the knees so that they support the legs on the toes and move the arms towards the back and straight of alternating form, stretching them to the maximum and turning keeping the legs straight. Keep the strain on your knees for 30 seconds.


For the spin and lunge exercise, move the left foot forward and flex the left knee. Hamstring tension of the right leg will be felt. Now raise the palms parallel to the ground and check that they are facing each other. Take a good step forward with your left leg and become as you sit on a chair. The right leg has to be backward and use the toes to support the right leg. Ensure that the upper body and spine remain in a vertical posture to make complete lunges. Now perform the same exercise with the other leg and do repetitions 15 times.


To lose belly at home, the last exercise of the series consists of sitting in a chair with the spine upright and shoulders straight. Place both hands on each side with your palms down and breathe deeply. Now when exhaling, make sure that the legs are directed upwards, so that the knees are very close to the chest. Hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Do not arch your back or bend your knees when they are on your chest. Now bring your legs on the floor and repeat the same exercise for 15 times.

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