5 frequent nutritional deficiencies why you do not lose

There are countless possibilities for your weight to stagnate. Today, I would like to address 5 essential mistakes in the diet, which can hinder your fat loss.

1. You still trust the advertising industry

You know them: the products on the supermarket shelves, which should suggest you that they are good for you. Yogurt with 0.1% fat, light products, so-called fitness muesli or the oh so healthy milk cuts, which should also be good for the children.

Unfortunately, these products are only empty promotional promises, but they work well – because a lot of the people fall into it and you cannot even blame these people. Yogurt with 0.1% fat sounds super! If there are still fruits – perfect!

NO! The fat in such yogurts is replaced almost 1: 1 by sugar and usually by a lot of other additives. Somehow, the taste must come true. Keep away from such products and prefer to rely on unprocessed food. Use yogurt for natural yogurt and add fresh fruit.

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2. You eat too little

The less I eat – the more I take off! This assumption is, unfortunately, wrong. Well, or take first in the first days already a lot off. However, you are permanently driving your metabolism and fat loss into the cellar. Your body is no longer ready to give a fat, and usually even starts to degrade valuable muscle mass. image

As soon as you eat a little more after such a starvation, the yo-yo effect has already managed you with full power. Make sure that you always give your body enough energy in the form of the nutrients, fat, protein and carbohydrates. Especially as an athlete you can really eat a lot and is nevertheless still in the calorie deficit. You just must pay attention to what you eat.

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3. Liquid Calories

You know. Lemonade, cola, and sprite have incredibly many calories. These calories can be saved because they usually take up a large portion of the total calorie requirement and do not contribute to saturation, of course. Try to restrict yourself to water and tea. If you do not get clear without soft drinks, then at least rely on the calorie-free products. But also, the consumption of these beverages should keep you within the framework.

4. You do not use carbohydrates

How already in my previous blog posting carbohydrate fat? Carbohydrates are important to some extent. As an athlete, you should not forgo the benefits of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates can help you enormously in the fat loss. Focus on complex carbohydrates, lots of vegetables and some fruit. If you take the biggest amount of carbohydrates as a post-workout meal after an intense workout, you’re almost on the safe side.

5. You estimate your calorie consumption during sports too high

The reverse to point 2 is simply the excessively high-calorie intake. Many think they can eat what they want because they are doing sports. In fact, the calorie consumption can be significantly increased by sport and above all by force training. Indeed IMG_2450 The consumption by sport is often also overestimated. Depending on the intensity and the physical condition, one consumes between 500 and 700 calories at 60 minutes jogging. That’s quite a lot! If you consider that most hobbyists do not go for 60 minutes, but usually between 20 and 45 minutes, and that for example, a pizza salami from Dr. Oetker (Die Finfishes) has almost 930 calories – then you know you get one Keep an eye on the diet. How is it so beautiful: Abs are made in the kitchen – and there is really what’s true.

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