7 Simple Habits to Practice Every Day to Take Care of Your Face

Cleaning the face well before going to sleep is very important for the cells to regenerate properly. Whether we make up or not, the tonic is an obligation. The use of cosmetic products is the best-known way to protect the skin from the face of the aggressions suffered by the sun and toxins.

It’s essential nutrients support the process of cellular regeneration and stimulate the elimination of impurities and dead cells that, over time, can cause imperfections. However, its daily application is not the only factor that must be taken into account, since skin health also depends on other habits that we must practice every day.

While we cannot deny that the treatments are a great help, it is necessary to complement them with other care to get healthy skin. Fortunately, they are very easy to incorporate into the regular routine, as it is basically about having a better lifestyle. In this space, we share the 7 best so you do not stop applying them if you want to keep the face young and beautiful.

1. Wear sunscreen

The sunscreen is a skincare product that must be added to the daily beauty routine since it is the only one able to minimize the negative effects of the sun.

  • Its application on the face helps to create a protective layer against the effects of radiation. Thus, it helps us to avoid burns, blemishes and other imperfections that accelerate the aging process.

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2. Doing physical exercise

Although some think it has nothing to do, physical exercise is a strong influence on both the health and the beauty of the skin.

  • This habit is fundamental to improve the circulation and the process of oxygenation, which is determinant for the cellular regeneration.
  • It is also ideal for improving the processes that are responsible for removing toxins, substances that promote the appearance of imperfections.

In addition, it can be complemented by the practice of facial exercises, that is, those activities focused on toning the face.

3. Increase water consumption

The daily consumption of water is a healthy habit that improves the state of the skin, not only because it maintains its adequate levels of hydration, but also because it reduces the presence of toxins and harmful agents.

  • This precious liquid supports the processes that are responsible for filtering the blood while removing the particles of harmful agents and other residues that lead to premature aging.

4. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are foods with a wide variety of skin benefits since they represent one of the major sources of antioxidant substances.

  • While your intake must be accompanied by another variety of healthy foods, it is recommended to eat at least 5 servings per day to obtain its nutrients and benefits.

The advantage is that there are several ways to consume them raw, as in shakes and salads, to take full advantage of all its properties for cutaneous beauty.

5. Clean Cell Phones

Very few people take a couple of minutes a day to clean and disinfect the screens of their cell phones.

  • Most ignore that, by their contact with various surfaces and hands, they retain a high amount of bacteria that can affect the health of the skin.
  • Since at some point they make contact with the face, their lack of cleaning can influence the appearance of acne and other annoying infections.

6. Remove makeup

The makeup emphasizes the facial features and helps to beautify the face for all kinds of occasions.

However, it is essential to eliminate it every day before bed, since its chemical compounds can cause aggressions to the dermis.

  • These can be retained inside the pores and, during the rest period, promote the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads and acne.

Sleep well

A habit as pleasurable and necessary as good sleep, not less than 7 hours a day, can help prevent premature signs of aging.

  • During this period the organism carries out processes important for the skin health, disposing of some substances of waste and enhancing the cellular regeneration.

People who sleep less than advised tend to have dull, dry, tired- looking skin.

Do you include these habits in your beauty routine? If you have been ignoring them all this time and only focus on external treatments, try to apply them from now on so you can see how important they are to be radiant.

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