Healthy skin is our reliable protection

In order to stimulate the metabolic processes and the smooth exchange of release products from the body, it performs the important function of the skin. As is known, by far, are in the skin, there is a constant separation and evaporation of sweat and decomposition products resulting from metabolic process. Very good preventive effect is a expurgation folk remedies that procrastinate complex cleanses the body and removes from him all the accumulated toxins.

healthy-skin-is-our-reliable-protectionThe skin contains a lot of blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as special terminal nerve cell phones that accept a variety of sensations: touch, cold, heat, etc. A special role is played by sweat and sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are spread across the surface of the skin and are located near the hair follicles. They are not only on the palms and soles, sebaceous glands provide elasticity of the skin, protect it from drying out, prevents the effects of friction contact surfaces.

The sweat glands are present all over the body surface. Together with sweat excreted mineral salts, some acids, urea and ammonia. Sweat glands are under the guidance of the nervous system. As an example, at the initiation of psycho-emotional sweating increases.

An increase in sweating, body temperature drops. Sweating increases with muscular efforts, agitation, elevated body temperature, various diseases, under the influence of drugs and poisons.

The skin, like light, is involved in gas exchange with the external environment of the organism, releasing a small amount of carbon dioxide. Skin absorbs oxygen (1% of the total amount) and emits carbon dioxide (3%). It continuously identifies sweat 98-99% consisting of water, sodium and potassium chloride, urea, uric acid, ammonia and other chemicals. And in order to cleanse the liver read the article – liver cleansing at home here.

healthy-skin-is-our-reliable-protection2Gets on the skin surface of the dirt, irritate the skin and closes outputs glands, favors the reproduction of microbes, while bruises or injuries can cause inflammation. Violation function of the skin is reflected in the activity of the whole organism.

The skin is able to display and evaporate sweat, only if it is clean and warm. The sudden transition from warm to cold can bring great harm to health. In such cases, evolved through the skin pores of toxins instead go out and removed, absorbed back into the blood. The most dangerous cooling when overheated people. Reflex occurs spasm of blood vessels and arterial blood circulation of a number of internal organs, especially such as the kidneys, upper respiratory tract and lungs. If this is a violation of the excretory functions of the skin will be removed by copious sweating, you may develop severe colds.

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