How to remove cellulite at home

Cellulite is actually not only the external factors of its manifestations, such as orange peel and other cosmetic defects of character, it is primarily the beginning of the disturbances in the correct blood supply. Sometimes due to improper blood supply can occur convulsions, and in places the greatest destruction of skin tissue cellulite may arise a certain sense of gravity, the skin may be excessively dry. Cellulite is not rarely becomes prerequisite to the formation of periodically or continuously merznuschih legs and the subsequent formation of varicose veins. And if you are interested in the question of how to look slimmer then read this article.

how-to-remove-cellulite-at-homeTherefore, the most fundamental impact that will be aimed at the elimination of cellulite, it exercises that will stimulate blood circulation, as the pelvis and lower extremities. First, you need to perform a warm-up, which will be aimed at warming up the muscles that will participate in the following exercises. The best stretching exercises are considered dance exercises, which immediately betray maximum activity of the cells of all muscle groups.

Thus, the circuit of exercises for cellulite:

Once the 15-20 Th spend the slopes from a standing position with a flat back.

15-20 Repeat five times the rotational movement of the pelvis in one and in the other direction. Next, you must be 15-20 times to rotate the pelvis trajectory infinity sign (figure 8).

10-15 times full squats with a flat back. Then you should take a breath and a little breather.The next step will be attacks with the release of the front legs forward. On 5 five times for each leg will be enough to improve blood circulation in the buttocks and leg muscles.

how-to-remove-cellulite-at-home2Cellulite can also be a consequence of obesity and excess weight accumulation in humans, and today it is possible to lose weight by various means, one of which is a slimming tea. Therefore, before how to choose the tea for weight loss you should consult with an expert nutritionist about atualnosti application of a particular method of losing weight for your body.

The next step would kick their feet, it is necessary to raise as high as possible on the priority feet up in front of him. Do this exercise is enough to be 5 for each leg swings.

The next cycle will be applied exercises using a chair. The first step is to put your left foot on the chair seat in a live state, bend your elbows and slowly try to have them at his head, then tilted by 5 to 10 times forward to his outstretched foot.

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