Insomnia: Tips to Sleep Well And Rest Better

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If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, this article is for you. It is totally different than the ones I had done previously since today besides sharing some tips that have been very useful to combat insomnia I will tell you that it is one of my great tragedies.

Who has suffered from insomnia or lives with him, knows how terrible it is not to sleep well, I tell you in all safety because I confess that it is one of my greatest sufferings. And I dare call it suffering because although I consider myself a positive person I think that not being able to sleep well should be considered a rude ha-ha.Woman with insomnia
It makes you feel bad, you walk like a zombie half the day and the worst! At night you think that you will fall flat, you get to bed and there you are again turning the bed. Has it happened to you?

I confess you that:

  • I hate that they talk to me at night and leave me talking alone because they fell asleep and I well, thank you for 5 hours more I will surrender.
  • I cannot boast their great abilities to sleep well, really! What envy!
  • Coffee is not optional in my life, it is if or if and before you talk, invite me a coffee and then everything you want!
  • Sleeping with me is a pain! I stop to the bathroom, I turn around a thousand times, I will tell you that I am sleepy and it will be 4 more hours and you will find me awake.
  • When I’m sleepy I’m hateful, so can you buy me some coffee?

Topics such as:

You will see when you have children you will not be able to sleep well. More !, truly distresses me that will be mine.

Okay, I’ll be serious! I just had to vent a little and well project a little with this topic.

The truth is that as I said insomnia is a serious problem and in addition to the discomforts that brings you to your day to day also generates a deterioration social, occupational or other important areas.

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There are different levels of insomnia and reasons why the lack of rest is related. Personally, I realized that I did not have a proper sleeping ritual, I did not even know the importance of having sleeping habits.

There are many things we do mechanized, we see it so normal that we lose the value of each thing and even we do not know that it can be otherwise, we think that not sleeping well is normal, have constant headaches, bad mood, etc.

And as you start to investigate you realize that there are options and there is way to improve the quality of many things that you believed “bad luck” or “genes”

Insomnia Tips to Sleep Well And Rest Better1

If you have thought:

  • I have trouble sleeping because “x” family also suffers.
  • I’m overweight because that’s my family and that’s how I play.
  • I’m sick because my genetics defined it.

I tell you that it is normal to think, I think I have done it but when you sit down to analyze more thoroughly what you are doing to improve it or change it you realize that Nothing! On the contrary, you do everything to stay there or make it worse.

Well after so much insomnia complaint comes the good news, there are both natural and medical solutions that help us to improve this problem.

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  • If you are the one who takes work at home or stays late connected, I recommend you start changing those habits and disconnect 1 or 2 hours before going to bed, this with the intention of being able to disconnect totally and go without problems to the bed.
  • Drinking a chamomile tea 30 hours before bed can work great, try it.
  • Lavender essential oil: In addition to leaving a super-rich scent on your pillow will help you to relax and have a better rest, just put a few drops and Ready to rest!
  • When you are in bed forget the cell phone the light that emits can steal the dream.

InsomniaTips to Sleep Well And Rest Better3

But above all try to create habits to sleep well and create your own Ritual to Sleep, if you have some tip to share do not hesitate to leave it in the comments. More healthy tips visit

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