The Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

The Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage falls into the category of holistic treatments. It does not just work on the body, because it also embraces the spiritual and mental sphere, letting these three aspects of the human being is based on a sweet and sensual dance, governed by holistic operator’s manual. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

A massage only recently discovered the “Lomi Lomi”, but not modern. Its origins are very old and in fact inspired by the massage almost unknown Ka Huna (which simply translates into massage). In practice, this style requires that the entire processing is carried out with only one type of maneuver, which will have to embrace the person in all its totality.

Only a massage

No, at least according to its precursors … Lomi Lomi was not done just to bring physical or aesthetic improvements. The Hawaiian massage was used to mark important moments in life and was a real ritual in order to scan the steps. Visit Waxing in NYC to get best care of waxing.


Awareness and new physical and spiritual maturity, here is what are the main benefits of the Lomi Lomi. Technique for everyone in Hawaii, since the only way to learn it was to get this inheritance from the family, to defeat the ailments of the body and rebalance the flow of energy.

How to Lomi Lomi

Fortunately, the masters of this discipline have decided to spread the teachings, here are some of the secrets of this technique thousands of years!

  • The movement in Lomi Lomi is to be harmonious and rhythmic. The massager must wrap the person and therefore will be used hands and forearms. To make things more fluid and maneuvers we can choose to use almond oil or sunflower.
  • As with any massage, it starts from the feet up to climb. The maneuvers always follow the bloodstream.

The purpose of this massage is to bring the person to rebalance, to achieve its harmonious center and leave the sorrows and anxieties out of the mind. The energies will begin to flow more freely. The blocks are dissolved due to the combination of deep breathing and operator maneuvers. Physically, you will notice improvements in the shoulder and back area and will found muscle tension will be dissolve.

The entire lymphatic system, muscular and circulatory will benefit from Lomi Lomi, which will relax and tone body and mind. Once treatment is completed, you will feel much more relaxed and willing to deal in a more serene life. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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