Regular Exercises for Brain to keep it healthy

Many people try to boost their mental ability because it makes them healthy. A perfect body without a healthy brain has no worth, so it is necessary for you to involve yourself in such activities, which can make your brain healthy. There are many medicines out there in the market, which gives the surety of boosting your mental health, but among those, most of them are not able to give the proper results, but there are some great nootropics, which can be beneficial for this purpose and when the nootropics are added with the exercises for brain, the results that come are great.

Nootropic Supplements for Brain

There are many nootropic supplements that you can find beneficial for your brain and here are some of the names.

Fish Oil

People consider fish oil only beneficial for hair, skin and nail, but they don’t know the positive effects of the fish oil on the human brain. The fish oil consists Omega3, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The DHA is responsible making the brain healthy by making the structure of the brain strong, and it also enhances the function of the brain. If you are going through an inflammation of the brain, then the fish oil can be a perfect remedy for you because the EPA and two types of the Omega3 present in this nootropic supplement protect the brain from any damages and ageing, and eliminate inflammation.


The major sources in which caffeine is found are dark chocolate, coffee and tea. These are the most common things in which the quantity of caffeine is high. Caffeine is a nootropic supplement, which helps in sharpening the memory, but it is important to take caffeine in a limited dose. The normal dosage of caffeine is 200 to 400mg in every 24 hours.

Exercises for Keeping the Brain Healthy

Without any doubt, all the exercises are beneficial for the health of the brain, but it depends on the person and on his/her physical health in selecting the exercise. Some people are not able to go for heavy exercises, so if you think that all those heavy training are not for you, then you might go for the following exercises to keep your brain healthy.


Walking is the best exercise that keeps your heart and brain in good form. If you are not able to do the cardio for any reasons, then it is important for you to go for a morning or evening walk. This exercise will help your brain to make a strong communication with your body.


This is probably the warm-ups for some of the people who are involved in heavy or light exercises. So before you go for a walk, try to warm-up your body for 10 to 15 minutes through stretching your arms, legs and gently your neck.

The above two exercises for brain are great for your brain and also for your body because it helps in the circulation of the blood, which also gives a proper supply of blood to your brain, which is necessary for its health. You can also use the nootropic mentioned above supplements with these exercises for better results.

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