Teeth whitening folk remedies

Many people are thinking about how to whiten their teeth. Almost all of them are carriers of one of the most common colors of enamel, faded white or light yellow shades. But the desire to have a “right” is considered healthy teeth color – bright white encourages people to make certain tweaks, which is connected with the artificial teeth bleaching. By artificial means all kinds of external factors that can affect the natural color of human teeth their natural color.

The main methods of teeth whitening:

There are two methods of teeth whitening, the first of which is long-lasting and natural. By natural is meant restore the health of certain body systems that affect the color of the teeth.

teeth-whitening-folk-remediesIf you do not smoke, you do not have other bad habits that affect the health of your teeth, and most importantly their healthy color, while teeth whitening can be replaced by adding foods certain foods that can enrich the bone structure with all the necessary trace elements and, most importantly, calcium.

The second method is fast, but its use is not recommended, because any external influence on the tooth enamel anyway it is drawn to the partial destruction. That is why doctors strongly recommend the use of special regenerating program, clean toothpaste made from natural ingredients, and properly fitted fiber toothbrush. Which must match the type and state of health of human gums.

Teeth whitening folk remedies:

The use of baking soda to the toothpaste quality.

The most common method of teeth whitening at home is the method of providing for the use baking soda. For this to mix conventional baking soda containing no additional impurities with water. The water in the soda should be added in small amounts to the limit, which will provide a consistency similar to that of soda, which has a regular toothpaste. To whiten teeth with baking soda should be to start a qualitatively brush your teeth with this mixture, then leave it on the teeth. The residence time of baking soda in the mouth with a total time cleaning her teeth should not exceed 10 minutes. After the procedure is recommended to thoroughly rinse your mouth. Try not to swallow the soda because it is in the process of applying the particles will contain residues cleans teeth from plaque. After completing this procedure, the remnants of soda is recommended to clean the teeth with regular toothpaste.

Mix baking soda and toothpaste:

Another popular recipe of whitening teeth at home is soda mix with regular toothpaste, but it should not toothpaste contain minor impurities, fragrance and other congestion. Pay attention to the color of the toothpaste are not white in color, with high probability, contain a large amount of additional impurities. Mixing toothpaste and baking soda should be in proportions of 70 to 30, where a large amount of the toothpaste will have.

teeth-whitening-folk-remedies2Preventing browning of tooth enamel:

Dental enamel may be as dark and turn yellow, depending on the embodiment of exposure to the hazards. Here is a list of key pests of tooth enamel:

  • Tobacco smoke or use chewing tobacco;
  • Black tea;
  • Coffee;
  • Citrus fruit;
  • Some of the types of drugs;
  • Blueberries.

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