What to do if you experience leg cramps?

Cramps in the legs – is most likely to occur suddenly and severely fetter the pain, she knows almost everyone, but what to do if symptoms of cramps in the legs plagued with a constant frequency? Too many people suffer periodic spasms in the legs, which is likely due to the lack of a certain amount of vitamins in the body. The second most common cause of cramps in the legs is a lack of calcium in the body. If this is the case, then one or two week course taking natural calcium will relieve a person from the existing problem of the formation of cramps in the legs.

what-to-do-if-you-experience-leg-crampsWhat causes cramps in the legs?

The appearance of leg cramps is a problem that is inherent in people of advanced age and the retirement age. When a person begin to slow down the natural metabolic processes in the body start to fail the weakest points of the body. Some people, due to the lack of weld ability of calcium and many kinds of vitamins, there is an acute shortage of necessary substances for normal functioning of the muscular system. As a result, symptoms of acute pain, which we call convulsive pain in the legs, cramps in the legs.

Also, secondary causes, which may be accompanied by the formation of cramps in the legs are:

Over voltage in the muscles (may be associated with chronic fatigue accumulated in the legs, or one-time surges leg muscles);


Stress, chronic stress accumulated (nerve overvoltage can be agents of all the negative processes in the body, to strengthen the weak places in the exacerbation or initiate a negative impact of existing chronic diseases);

Deficiency of magnesium in the body (more to do with the advent of night cramps in the legs);

First aid for the appearance of convulsions in the legs:

In order to quickly and effectively to help yourself or a person with symptoms formed cramps in the legs is necessary to:

If seizures occur at night – to sit down on the bed and lower leg down as far as possible to be careful on the cool floor. It is desirable that this was the cold floor, and not a rug or carpet. Body position must be flat, allowing for a few minutes to resume the natural rhythm of blood microcirculation and fetter will be jerky feeling.

Another way to get rid of cramps in the legs is more strong-willed. To do this, hold your breath, reach for your fingers to the tips of the legs, and then overcoming any pain stretch my legs so that there is no bending at the knees.

what-to-do-if-you-experience-leg-cramps2Preventing the formation of cramps in the legs:

It is necessary to adhere to certain rules in selecting shoes. Long Heels contraindicated when a periodic convulsive sensation in the legs.

Smoking – the number one problem, in smokers there is a lack of calcium and magnesium in the body that promotes the formation of seizures.

Reducing the consumption of sugar in the sweets, confectionery, even tea and coffee.

The legs should be in the warm time of sleep and wakefulness in people who suffer from the syndrome of cold feet and hands.

The diet should be present on the rich calcium and trace elements. In particular the lack of calcium compounds can resort to the help of special calcium preparations.

Douches can in the shortest possible time to become the number one assistant to the body suffering from periodic formation cramps in the legs.

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