With our wide variety of events we are able to offer advertisers a truly unique opportunity to reach their intended target market. America’s top brands advertise on Tallulah Jane NYC to gain access to our large and rapidly growing local, national, and global targeted list of subscribers. To explore the possibilities of advertising with Tallulah Jane NYC, please fill out the contact request form at bottom of the page or email us at [email protected].

Reach WHO you want

Target People: Reach Singles, Couples, Gay, Straight, Ethnicity, and more!

Target Age: We have events for 18 year olds up to 100 years old, so we can target practically every age range!

Target Region/City: Reach people locally, nationally, globally as we have franchises all over the world!

Target Lifestyle: Reach outdoor enthusiasts, movie buffs, techies, and much more. Our variety of events draw all types of people!

Reach HOW you want

Online Banner Ads: Our Events and Feature Stories keep constant traffic to our website.

Online Newsletter: Our newsletter goes out daily/weekly/monthly and can be specially designed with your advertisement.

Video Commercials: Our video clips from events are watched online and shared among various Social Media outlets.

Audio Commercials: Our podcasts are downloaded and listened to on the go.

Product Placement: We are an Events company, so come out to our wide variety of events to meet your customers and share your products or have us distribute print ads.