It’s no secret that most people consider alcohol a sort of love potion. From ancient times and the Bible to pop culture and mainstream portrayal of fun, having a glass or two always leads to unforeseeable consequences. Moreover, it seems like indulging in alcohol and sex is like walking on a razor’s edge.


But are beer goggles a good or bad thing? Will drinking completely diminish your sex drive and prevent you from orgasming, or will it make you more fun in bed? Well, things are a bit more complex when it comes to drunk sex. So, allow us to introduce you to some facts about sex after drinking, and you’ll have an overall better perspective.

Do Sex and Alcohol Go Along?

In essence, many men and women enjoy drinking alcohol before engaging in any form of sexual experience. That’s regardless of whether they know what’s about to happen or they are just in the club, hoping for a hookup. But what’s the point, you might ask? Well, it’s easy — alcohol allows us to loosen up and build up self-esteem. After all, we all know how some folks call booze liquid courage, don’t we?


Nevertheless, drunk sex has its pros and cons, like most other things in life. Unlike doing the deed sober, alcohol increases the time it takes you to reach an orgasm. And for people who struggle with premature ejaculation, well, that’s a selling point on its own. However, alcohol makes us do stupid things, too, like engaging in unprotected sex. But it all comes down to the amount of alcohol you intake and how much it takes to get you drunk.

Sex While Being Drunk Increases Drive in Women

One of the major effects alcohol has on women is that it helps produce testosterone. This hormone is essential for sexual arousal, as it increases it significantly. As such, women tend to be more into it. However, you can look at this from two different perspectives.


On one side, an increased sex drive is incredible if they generally struggle with getting aroused. That is perfect for women who suffer from vaginal dryness. Nevertheless, on the flip side, it’s easier to make a stupid decision that they’ll regret later on. The best example would be having sex with their ex, further complicating an already messed-up relationship.

Men Will Find It Hard to Get Aroused

For men, one of the main effects of drinking before sex is that it lowers blood pressure. As such, it causes limbs to become more numb. And without a high blood flow, male genitalia become less responsive. That is just a fancy word for saying that they might have a problem with their penis waking up and doing what it does best.


Of course, this doesn’t have to be a con. Namely, many men suffer from premature erection. This condition affects both young and old, and it can happen even to the best of them. However, if a man drinks just enough alcohol to make his penis a bit less sensitive, he can still get it up and prolong the time between arousal and ejaculation.

Both Men and Women Could Do Dangerous Things

Unfortunately, alcohol is one of the main reasons for bad things happening sex-wise. That goes for both men and women. Aside from making people loosen up too much, it’s a common cause of sexual assault. Reading someone’s intentions becomes harder when you’re boozed up. Therefore, it can make even the tamest and most polite people react like sex predators, forgetting all about consent and no meaning no.

But alcohol doesn’t have to make someone act like a predator. It can be a helpful tool for men and women who lack confidence. Aside from relaxing you physically, alcohol can loosen your thoughts as well. It can help you eliminate ideas of how you’re not interesting or attractive. As such, you gather courage and walk up to people and start conversations like a pro. Yet, this is a slippery slope, as it can make you overconfident, further resulting in failure.

Should We Avoid Getting Drunk Before Sex?

A logical question when talking about sex and alcohol is whether the pros outweigh the cons or is it the other way around. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer here. What works for some people won’t for others, and vice versa. All we can say is that it’s key to drink responsibly, regardless of what you’re up to.


If it’s sex on your mind while drinking, always remember to respect boundaries and ask for consent. That goes out for both men and women. Your increased sexual desire isn’t an excuse to assault someone. Furthermore, remember that hygiene and health are essential factors to having responsible sex.


In our eyes, it’s not mandatory to cut off the alcohol from sex. Both can work just fine — it’s just up to you how much you’ll drink and who you’ll hang out with. Nevertheless, we should mention that to sober up, sex is a perfect solution. It will help your body release toxins after a long night binge, even relieving you from painful headaches.