Strong intimate muscles will not only improve your sex life, but will save you from many female problems, such as incontinence, prolapse of the vagina and uterus and hemorrhoids.

What are anal beads? Without a doubt, you have heard about tricks that Thai masters can do with their intimate muscles. And if you shoot balls ping-pong or smoke a pipe vagina in general, meaningless and useless, has tightened the muscles of the perineum and to be able to please himself and his men just need telling.

What is the secret of oriental mistresses? Of course, in training!

The first thing you should get to know is the Kegel exercises. To understand exactly how the muscles of the perineum work, try to squeeze the muscles of the sphincter and the entrance to the vagina ìin a small wayî to stop the process. Happened? So you found those very muscles. Now the main thing is not to forget about their existence and to work with them regularly. Gently squeeze, hold the tension for a few seconds, and relax. Try to repeat the exercise 200 times during the day. It can and should be done almost everywhere, it is absolutely not noticeable to others. When you learn to make such cuts easily, you can safely proceed to more advanced training with vaginal balls.

Choosing balls for training intimate muscles choose your products without built-in vibrators. If the balls are interconnected with a normal nylon thread, they should be washed more carefully, so we recommend choosing exercise machines coated with silicone or latex. Pay attention to the size and weight: the smaller and heavier the balls – the harder, but more effective training will be. Start with the large and light, and when you feel confident in yourself, goes to small glass or metal balls without a connecting thread.

So what to do with these balls? To begin with, they need to be thoroughly washed, lightly lubricated with a suitable lubricant and inserted into the vagina. The most convenient way to do this is lying down. After that, try to get up and perform the familiar exercises of Kegel, holding the balls inside and not allowing them to fall out. It turns out? Great, move on to more difficult exercises. Try without straining the muscles of the press, to move the balls up, smoothly pulling the muscles of the entrance, and down, gradually relaxing. Change the pace and force of compression by moving the balls inside the way you like it.

By the way, such exercises are not only useful – they increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and strengthen the muscles of the sphincters – but they are also very pleasant. Many girls are not just excited by these activities, but have an orgasm during training. By the way, about pleasure: your trained, tightly embracing the penis muscles of the vagina will undoubtedly deliver more pleasure to your man.

You can do exercises with balls at home, during shopping trips and even at work, because the longer and more often you do, the more noticeable the effect. However, it is worth considering that walking with balls inside the toilet is quite difficult, so they need to be removed and cleaned beforehand.

Why do we need vaginal balls?

Velvet autumn is a time of change. It is autumn that the beautiful sex is decided on transformation. Someone changes the hairstyle and style, someone goes to the first lesson in the dance school, and someone goes to the sex shop for vaginal balls. Probably in every male company from time to time there are stories about women who can surprise even the most sophisticated lovers and deliver incredible pleasure. The secret of female seduction and passionate nights is simple – vaginal simulators and intimate gymnastics. Female training devices effectively work on the pelvic floor muscles and increase sensitivity during intercourse. Well-trained muscles tightly grip the penis and cause a brighter feeling in both partners. Men note that the compression and relaxation of intimate muscles during sex is one of the most pleasant sensations.

Regular exercise is also helpful during pregnancy planning. For women who can control the vaginal muscles, childbirth brings much less pain and reduces the risk of rupture to a minimum. And after childbirth, vaginal balls and simulators will help to quickly come in perfect shape.

Bright pink or tender mint balls like even a sophisticated woman. Inside each sphere there is a ball of smaller diameter and special silicone protrusions that amplify vibration with each movement. A convenient handle makes it easy to remove the balls after a workout.

Magic Kegel Master A

Smart imbuing simulator for beginners and advanced. Five training programs allow you to choose the most optimal level. The device is synchronized with the smartphone using the application.


This imbilding smart simulator can be easily controlled using a special application installed on a smartphone. Six training programs allow you to choose a convenient mode, and the application itself tells you when you need to relax or strain the muscles of the vagina. Vaginal balls or an advanced gadget for practicing imbilding reveal true sensuality and sexuality. They are able to turn the shy into a fatal seductress.

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What are vaginal balls for?

Those who use them, in one voice say that sex is more saturated and interesting. Vaginal balls help restore feelings that were lost after the birth of a child, the onset of menopause, due to a sedentary lifestyle or some health problems. You should not consider the balls only a subject for pleasure. It will be more correct to perceive them first of all as an original simulator for vaginal muscles.

Regular use of vaginal balls strengthens the muscles of the pelvis, brings them into tone. The body becomes strong, additional energy appears during sexual intercourse. The muscle tissue of the vagina remains active for a long time.

These include:

  • Cervical erosion;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Severe menopause;
  • Age-related incontinence;
  • Violation of the hormonal level;
  • The omission of organs that are located within the pelvis;
  • Discomfort during intercourse;
  • Infertility;
  • Frigidity and sexual disorders.
  • Do not forget about contraindications. You can not use vaginal balls in the presence of:
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system;

Susceptibility to allergic reactions to both living conditions and food, and the materials from which the balls are made; any diseases that are in the acute stage.

Use during and after pregnancy

Those who have already felt the benefits of using vaginal balls will be interested in the possibility of their use during pregnancy. Most often, doctors agree that the balls are unlikely to be harmful to a woman. And although their use allows you to prepare the vaginal walls for childbirth, making them more elastic, there is no special point in their use during pregnancy. In any case, a clear answer can only be given by a doctor who is well acquainted with the state of health of the mother and the course of pregnancy.