Anal plugs are sex toys that are introduced rectally and there to provide additional sexual stimulation. They can be used by both men and women. Other properties such as vibration or a special shaping also provide the wearer with a particularly stimulating sensation, e.g. for example, by the direct stimulation of the prostate in men.

How long can you keep a butt plug in? Beginners use butt plugs as an anal trainer to prepare for anal intercourse, as the butt plug should make the anus muscle more elastic. Here you should pay attention to a suitable size of the butt plug: newcomers should use narrower Anal plugs with a smaller diameter, while you can also fall back on larger variants, if you already have experience with anal plugs.

Silicone anal plugs are considered light and hygienic. But even a metal plug in the butt can be sexy because it is heavier in the anus due to its higher weight and can be tempered differently before insertion.

Because of standard love affairs in bedrooms – according to a survey, 47% of men and even 57% of women have ever tried anal sex. Also various toys for a more exciting love life are popular among the population: 54% of the interviewees consider sex toys as enrichment during sex.

So it is hardly surprising that the popularity of so-called anal plugs – also known as butt plugs or butt plugs – increases. These little pleasure charms are intended to increase sexual pleasure in men and women by rectal stimulation. In addition, they should also prepare the body for anal intercourse, as they stretch the anus and help to get used to the act slowly and gently.

In our analog plug comparison 2018, experts have examined this special sex toy for you and looked at some of the most popular products. We’ll tell you what especially beginners should pay attention to in the selection of material and size , how to properly introduce a plug and what additional features the best anal plug should have in any case.

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Anal plugs recognize you by its special shape

Dildos and anal plugs have a lot in common. Both sex toys can serve the rectal stimulation of men and women and make the anus more elastic. While the dildo in its form is usually modeled on the male member and can also be used for vaginal penetration, the anal plug is specifically designed for insertion into the buttocks. There he stimulates z. For example, in men, the prostate, while the plug for women creates an excruciating pressure on the vaginal wall. Both should result in more intense orgasms as a result. Due to its special shape, you can usually distinguish an anal plug quickly from a classic dildo. Butt plugs have:

  • a conical tip
  • a bulbous center that tapers at the end as well
  • a wide tail.

Its plug-like shape facilitates insertion and prevents the butt plug from accidentally slipping too far into the anus. The narrow end of the middle piece in turn ensures that the sphincter of the anus contracts again at the rejuvenation. So the butt plug should sit securely and firmly, so that you can wear the plug in the butt even over a longer period of time.

Please note: The safe wearing of the anal plug is only guaranteed if you select the toy in the correct size. If the butt plug is too small, you can run the risk of it sliding too far into the buttocks despite its shape. How to determine the right size can be found in chapter 3.1.

The Right Type: From the Prostate Vibrator to the Foxtail Plug

If you want to buy an anal plug, you’ll soon find that it’s a very versatile sex toy that you can purchase in a variety of styles and styles. Big or small, with a smooth or playful surface, as a toy with vibration or without:

The right diameter: In the beginning it may be smaller

If you are using an anal plug for the first time and you are new to the field of anal intercourse, experts recommend that you try a smaller butt plug with a diameter of one and a half to three centimeters.

Especially at the beginning you should slowly get used to the insertion of the anus and, if necessary, gradually replace a small plug with larger ones. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring yourself if the sphincter is stretched too fast and too fast. If you are already experienced and do not feel any unpleasant pain during rectal insertion, then you can also use larger plugs with diameters between three and about nine centimeters, depending on your personal feelings.

Anal plugs in the test have shown that plugs are suitable for inflating both beginners and advanced. Here you have the opportunity to determine and regulate the size yourself by either pumping more or less air. Furthermore, some manufacturers offer plugs that are primarily designed for anal stretching. These anal plugs are like a flower in the buttocks and are intended to expand the anal muscle. Especially popular are the plugs of Rosebud.

Tip for beginners: If you are not sure about the right size, you have the opportunity to purchase several butt plugs at a low price. These usually contain different sizes, so you can easily try the different diameter of the anal plugs in the test. If you’re interested, you can find the most catchy styles of jeweled anal plugs at

The right material: Medical silicone is very light and allergy-free

Especially as a beginner you should not forget lubricants when inserting anal plugs, by which you minimize your risk of injury. Lubricants and lubricants make the rectal muscles smoother and make it easier for the butt plug to slip into the anus. In addition, most of the funds are very compatible. For example, all lubricants tested by professionals are free of pollutants and especially gentle on the skin. Most anal plugs are made of the following materials:

  • silicone
  • metal
  • Glass

Silicone has the great advantage that it is particularly soft and easy to clean. In particular, medical silicone is also made without artificial plasticizers, so this material is considered to be particularly good for allergy. You may also soon discover that you prefer metal butt plugs such as Rosebud’s many stainless steel plugs. These too are very hygienic and have a higher weight. This is felt by many to be particularly pleasant and exciting. With a butt plug made of stainless steel or glass, you also have the option of tempering the plug differently. For example, you can heat or cool it for a comfortable feeling.