Discover the hidden charms of erotic play with anal plugs of various shapes and sizes. This is a great starting point for finding the perfect sex toy that suits you. A variety of textures, patterns and colors will help everyone choose the right anal sleeve. In any case, whichever anal toy you choose, be sure to add anal lubricant for additional slip and pleasure.

What is a butt plug and how is it used?

Many men dream to try anal sex with their women. But for them, this fruit often remains taboo, since girls treat this activity with caution and fear.

Of course, there are certain reasons for this. Without some preparation, anal sex can be very painful for a woman. But if done correctly, the discomfort can be avoided. This will help butt plug.

What it is?

Anal plug can be called a stimulator or simulator. These sex toys are made of metal, plastic and latex. Sometimes these sex toys have the ability to vibrate.

Butt plugscan be used for self-satisfaction, and to enhance the feelings of sex with a partner. Also, these intimate toys help significantly strengthen the anal muscles. And it will make the sensation of sex brighter for both the girl who uses the cork and her partner. Keeping the butt plug in place with harness is the most important part here.

Various data models of sex toys are produced. There is even a butt plug with a tail. And there’s a lot more of quality animal tail plugs that you can choose from at loveplugs. The latter is usually made of rubber or any other laces. The tail is attached to a wide base, which prevents the tube from dropping inside the anus.

  • Typically, these anal toys are used with special lubricants and lubricants. It will be useful to use tools with an anesthetic effect.
  • Butt plugssometimes equipped with a base with suction cups. Also, these intimate toys can be of various shapes and sizes.
  • On the website you can choose a product to your liking. You can even find the anal plug with rhinestones. Such a sex toy looks very aesthetic.

What are the advantages of anal plugs?

There are several reasons to use these intimate toys.

Preparing for anal sex

As mentioned above, anal sex without some preparation can be very painful for a woman. Butt plug helps the girl to learn to relax the anal muscle and improve the elasticity of the sphincter. Thanks to this, she will enjoy sex.

Strengthening anal orgasm and sensations from sex

An anal plug is worth buying in order to learn how to control your muscles. This is what will allow the girl to feel a real, strong and bright anal orgasm.

Due to the fact that a woman will be able to manage her muscles, she can make even the feelings of her partner brighter. Butt plugs can also be used during classic sex. These sex toys will fill the anus and make the vagina narrower. Therefore, the feelings of partners will become stronger.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Perhaps you did not know, but the use of plugs for the anus is a very effective prevention of hemorrhoids. To avoid the occurrence of this disease, doctors advise you to do special exercises. And you can make them with the help of these intimate toys. Moreover, for these purposes, anal plugs can be used by both men and women.

Butt plug with a tail, as it can be understood from this article, is an intimate toy that is useful for enhancing sensations from sex and for maintaining health.

How to choose a butt plug

Butt plug is one of the most popular types of sex toys, and it can be used not only for sexual pleasure. Along with dildos, anal plugs are distinguished by a huge variety of types, shapes, sizes and materials. And in order that you do not have to blush in the store of intimate goods, asking the seller awkward details, we have prepared for you a complete analysis of the characteristics of this delicate accessory.

What is it and how can it be used

Butt plug is a specific sex toy for stimulating the sensitive zone of the anus. It can be used for different purposes:

  • During sex – cork perfectly stimulates the prostate gland in men and gives extra pleasure to the woman. This allows you to get a new sensation from sex, make an orgasm brighter, longer and give unforgettable impressions.
  • With a decorative purpose – butt plugs with a tail or other decorative elements will give a variety of bed fun. If you like sexual role-playing games, then the best anal plug for you will be a pony tail.
  • For every day wear, some people like to get anal stimulation all the time throughout the day. To do this, select models that can be easily worn under clothing. With such a cork used during the day, in the evening you will meet your partner fully armed, and the orgasm after the accumulated sexual tension of the day will be as bright as possible.

For training anal muscles – the choice of anal plug for this purpose will be relevant for those who like to indulge in a strap-on or just want to master the “new horizons” of anal sex.

If you want everything at once, it makes sense to buy a whole set of traffic jams, different models from which you can use for various purposes.

What are the traffic jams?

  • The modern sex industry constantly surprises even sophisticated lovers. Now butt plugs are not just banal plugs, there are many interesting modifications:
  • Inflatables are good because you can adjust the size of the accessory with one touch of your hand. This will be an excellent option for inexperienced users who want to start from a small size, but increase it over time;
  • With vibration – it is controlled with the help of a remote and stimulates the prostate or vagina, causing a very vivid sensation during use. Advanced models can vibrate at different frequencies;
  • Non-standard forms – all kinds of accessories with a ribbed surface, antennae, a curved shape, and so on. Here you need to understand that it is impossible to insert such models into an unprepared anus: you can injure it;
  • With decorations – designer fantasy knows no limit. There are toys with tails of all colors and sizes, with rhinestones and other decorative elements.

To pick up the anal plug makes sense not only for your desires, but also for opportunities. For example, if you try this accessory for the first time, then do not choose a model with vibration or a very large size. Start with something small and simple, otherwise you will get pain instead of excitement.