Now that you’ve decided to do the first prostate massage for yourself, think about what aids and accessories to use and also about the risks of prostate massage. Very important, of course, is the well-tried lubricant with which you can penetrate much smoother and safer to your prostate. Think as well with which object you want to stimulate your prostate. Of course, in the beginning, you can take your hand – especially your fingers – to make it easier to explore new things in the beginning. However, it is not the most hygienic and safest method. There are even different types of vegetables bananas, cucumbers or carrots for a stimulator replacement. This may work, but surely you will not be able to stimulate your prostate in intensity as with an anatomically correct anal vibrator for safe sex. You need: Lubricant, an object that you want to use to stimulate your prostate, in this case, a massager and, of course, a suitable quiet place to experience new erotic adventures undisturbed.

Step one:

As just mentioned, you should choose a place / room where you can really switch off and where you really want 100% discretion. Come to rest and do not overstay the new situation, because so cramps your entire system, including the muscles that are supposed to relax. If you have experience with meditation, then you can even add elements here to calm you down.

Step two:

In the next step, you should get a little bit excited. Here you can watch different “movies”. The main thing is to come to rest, feel safe and excited. The excitement will bring you the anticipation and the desire for a real prostate orgasm. Just embark on such an adventure. Through the built-up excitement you will feel how you and your entire system relax.

Step three:

Take your selected prostate stimulator and rub it with some lubricant. It could also be a lotion or even some oil for starters. Then you take some of this lubricant and then rub your anus and dam with it.

Step four:

Put yourself in an advantageous position for your first prostate massage. In the beginning, it will feel a little unfavorable to satisfy you in such an unconventional position. The back position, with the legs up, is probably best for the beginning. A lateral position, the so-called emprionale position is also not a bad choice. The most important thing is that you are really comfortable. Try yourself calmly in the various positions and choose one with which you get along well and you can introduce the anal vibrator unhindered.

Step five:

Now that you are in the right position, you take your massager and try to introduce it slowly. You need to have a special prostate massager then introduce it about 7-10cm. The special anal vibrators are not quite as long, which means that you can quietly introduce it completely to the limit. Such a device is specially adapted to stimulate the prostate accurately.

Step six:

Now that you’ve introduced the massager, do not be frightened by the unknown feeling. After the time it will be heavenly. Press the anal vibrator towards the abdominal wall, because in this area lies the male prostate. If you are right, it feels a little bit more than having to original. When you feel that kind of feeling, you know that you are right in any case. Now you can move your prostate massager a little bit on this point or work with your PC muscle. After some practice, you will notice that the prostate is not for nothing the most sex-sensitive organ in the whole male body. During the first prostate massage, you will feel many different new things, but it will help you to experience new and more erotic adventures.

In direct prostate simulation, it is well known that one does not necessarily need the penis for the climax. With a little practice and control, as well as the right toy you can achieve as already mentioned the √¨hands free ” orgasm. ED and impotence sufferers report new life spirits, which were awakened with such a prostate massage.

New experiences in the intimate partnership

Of course, one or the other couple will have some difficulty getting involved in such a new intimate affair, but once that first step has been taken, the new levels of feeling will solidify the sex life with the partner. As mentioned many times before, men’s world still thinks that anal stimulation is a taboo topic, but this is exactly the point that will cement their confidence in the relationship.

In Asian culture, prostate massage is considered beneficial

In Asia, stimulation and prostate milking in natural medicine is a recognized methodology to awaken new male spirits. It is said that the masculinity and dominance of the male figure should be strengthened and strengthened. It also raises excitability, general health, general well-being and potency.

Disadvantages of erine prostate massage:

Especially when man is new in terms of: Prostate massage, the one or the other also to unusual ” toys ” fall back. The most popular items are: fruit or vegetables in the form of a stimulator, toothbrushes or other relatively dangerous items that can injure the mucous membranes. One can advise against this use in all cases, since the risk of injury in the anus area is simply too high. Since the mucous membranes in the dam, or in the anus entrance are very sensitive, you should just be careful that the used objects no dirt or the like liable. The fours or traces of dirt are taken up by the sensitive mucous membranes without thinking about it or even noticing it at all. An infection risk is therefore extremely high. The use of good Lubricant and a matching stimulator will significantly reduce this risk.

Cleans your toys after use

With a cheap Toy cleaner, you can quickly and easily disinfect your used toy or other object and do not need to be afraid of bacterial infection the next time you use it.

The prostate massage needs exercise.

It is quite clear that the first attempt at a prostate massage can not immediately reach the orgasm of life. But even the first time you quickly realize that here is the pleasure organ or the so-called male G-spot is available. It takes practice to find the prostate and then stimulate it precisely. Even the prostate milking or the hands-free orgasm requires exercise to experience these erotic adventures. However, with a good prostate stimulator you can avoid any beginner mistakes and find the prostate instantly, as they are specially designed for this massage. You can also check this link for a guide to prostate massage for beginners.